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top 5 things to do in dubrovnik

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1. Dubrovnik City Walls, Stradun and Old Town

There’s plenty to see in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and the best way to get a feeling for the city as a whole is to walk the city walls. The circuit, measuring almost 2km, circles the Old Town from above, and gives a sense of scale for the incredible city. Once you have completed the circuit, head into the Old Town and take a leisurely stroll along the Stradun, Dubrovnik’s main street, which has been recently famously used for Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s casino town of Canto Bight. You will find a number of restaurants, bars, and retail offerings in the Old Town, with plenty to explore.


Top Tip | Avoid the hours around midday for walking the city walls in Summer. The heat can make the trip uncomfortable with little shade, and you will avoid the cruise ship crowds. Make sure you take plenty of water and wear comfortable shoes.

2. Game of Thrones Tour

Dubrovnik has grown again in popularity recently due to the incredible success of Game of Thrones, of which Dubrovnik represents King’s Landing. For fans of the series, there are many tours available allowing you to follow in the footpath of Arya, Sansa, and King Joffrey, and explore some of the locations that have played host to the bloody battles, scheming, and secrets of the capital of the Seven Kingdoms.

3. Lokrum

There are numerous islands within a short trip from Dubrovnik, offering a variety of interesting options. The nearest to Dubrovnik Old Town is the very green island of Lokrum. The island is covered in pine trees, and offers numerous walks and trails, as well as plenty of opportunities to soak up the stunning Croatian sun. The most popular parts of the island are the botanical gardens, used as the city of Qarth in Game of Thrones, the ruins of a Benedictine monastery, and a unique ‘dead sea’ lake. The island is also inhabited by a large number of peacocks.

4. Cable Car

Taking the cable car to the top of Dubrovnik’s Mount Srd is a must for any visitor to the city. Giving arguably the best birds-eye view of the Old Town, the visit is certainly Instagram-worthy. Whilst at the top, there are food, drink, and fine dining options, as well as a Museum of Dubrovnik’s Homeland War.  

5. Day Trip

Dubrovnik’s extreme Southern location places it just a stone’s throw away from some touristically untapped, stunning locations of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. In Bosnia, trips can take in the coastal town of Neum, the stunning Počitelj, and Mostar’s famous bridge. Montenegro tours include visits to the wonderful UNESCO world heritage site of Kotor and the walled-city of Budva.

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